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It is important that you know that all our numbers are prepaid cards, and they do not have any type of permanence or contract, so you can change providers from the first moment you receive the data of your new number.

Fast delivery of the iCC-iD numbering of your new number so that you can immediately carry out the portability. With this code that you will receive, you will be able to port to any provider in Spain in a simple and secure way.

When you buy a phone number on our website, we do not send you a SIM card, in order to obtain it, you have to transfer the number from our current provider to a new, different provider.

For example, if you want to switch to Vodafone, you must do the following:

1. You must go to a Vodafone store in person, with your identity document.You must indicate that you are the owner of the number.

2. When you go to the Vodafone store you must take the information that we sent you by email when you made the purchase. (ICC-ID + current provider. You must indicate that you are the owner of the number.

3. You must tell the person in the store the following: Hello, I have the number (for example 609991234) and I want to port it to Vodafone. Here are my personal details, I want this rate and modality.

4. You must provide the person at the Vodafone store that your number is currently in prepaid mode, you must also give them the ICC-ID code that we have sent you by email. The code is 19 numbers.

When you port to Vodafone, you have the opportunity to choose which rate you want on Vodafone, you can also choose a contract or a prepaid card. The process is called «portability.» Make no mistake, you do not have to buy a new number, you must transfer and port the number you previously purchased on our website.

Important: Remember that all portability management must be done in a Vodafone store or the provider where you want to do the portability. We cannot port any client, nor do we need clients to send us documents, everything must be done by the client who purchases the number on our website by going to a store.

If the change is to Vodafone you must do it in person in a store. Other providers allow you to register by phone or online, but in the case of Vodafone it is necessary to go to a store to avoid problems.

Finally, if Vodafone does not want to make the request, you will have to go to another Vodafone store. Some Vodafone stores do not want to do portability in recharge mode, because the person in the store does not earn money for the management, which is unfortunate, because that is their job. From NumerosGold we recommend that, if there are problems with Vodafone, it is better to port it to a different provider. There are many very good ones!

Finally, at the end of the process, if Vodafone needs us to respond to an SMS they send you to the number you are changing with them, you will need to let us know so we can respond. This is a security process, but it can be avoided by telling the person in the store that you want to authorize with the signature method, which means that in the same store you will be able to sign the request, without needing them to send an SMS to the acquired number and without us having to respond to this SMS.

We accept bank transfer, payments by cards (debit or credit) and *¹PayPal.

If you make the payment by bank transfer, it is necessary that you send us the scanned or photographed bank receipt once the deposit is made to be able to verify it.

Once we receive the payment you will get your new number, usually in less than 60 minutes, after receiving the bank payment in our account you will have the iCC-ID number of your new number so that you can transfer the portability to the operator you trust, in the same way with card payments.

Payments through *¹PayPal will have an interest commission applied to us by PayPal of 3.6% + €0.35

You can pay by credit or debit card: Visa, Mastercard, Euro6000 or Maestro. We use Bankia’s payment gateway, all your information will be sent encrypted using SSL.

For security, the maximum amount for card purchases on our website is €400, for higher amounts it is only possible to pay for the purchase by national bank transfer or PayPal.

It is only possible to pay by card with cards belonging to entities in the European Union (euro zone) and type of currency €.

Currently we do not offer a payment service in installments or split payments. You can pay up to 3 installments using an alternative payment method such as Paypal or requesting a bank loan with your bank.

We are working to offer this service in the future.

When we receive confirmation of payment of your order, we manually activate your new numbering, so that we can send you the iCC-iD numbering so you can port your new mobile phone number.

The activation of the numbers must be done manually and this procedure takes between 30 minutes and approximately 1 hour.

If you have an incident, we will contact you by phone or e-mail to inform you of it.

Yes, but not for us. You will have to provide them to the operator where you are going to use your new number to be able to register it in your name, or in the name of whoever you want. It is not possible to have a number from our website without prior registration with the operator where it will be used. By law, all numbers must have a holder.

Once we receive the portability request and verify that it comes with the iCC-iD code that we have delivered to you, we will modify the holder of the line you have purchased so that the portability is approved and carried out successfully.

If you receive the portability without the iCC-iD code or wrong, the process will be rejected and the update of the holder will not be carried out.

Important: It is not possible to make the portability with a PASSPORT, it is only possible to do it with CIF, NIF or NIE.

In the name of whoever you want! In your name, that of your friend, that of your company, etc… Remember that you are buying a new phone number, so it is necessary to register it in someone’s name. When you perform the portability, you also choose the holder of the number in the new provider.

To carry out the portability it is necessary to indicate the data of the new owner to your new provider in addition to the iCC-iD code that we will send you by e-mail.

Once we receive the request and verify that the iCC-iD code matches the data of the holder requesting portability, we will modify the owner at that time so that the portability is carried out successfully.

Important: It is not possible to do the portability with a PASSPORT, it is only possible to do it with CIF, NIF or NIE..

You can carry out the portability to the provider you like the most, if you don’t know which one, here we leave you a list of all the providers in Spain so that once you receive the iCC-iD you can request portability, and very soon to our own mobile provider. Are there any suppliers missing that are not listed? Ask us









PTV Telecom







Jazztel Movil





ion Mobile

Virgin Telco




When you carry out the portability to your new provider it will take about 2 or 3 business days to have your new number at the chosen provider, keep in mind that in a store the procedures will be faster than if you do it online, in up to 24 hours. And it is important to remind you that portability is free, so you will not have to pay anything for portability.

The iCC-ID code of the card is the serial number that identifies your phone number and that will help you port to another provider. In this case you will have to provide your personal data to the provider where you want to carry out the portability as well as the iCC-ID code that we give you so that they can manage the change of provider. This code is unique, secret and personal, and no one but you and the provider where you want to go will be able to know it.

You will receive this code by e-mail once the payment for your order has been completed.

All the numbers published on our website are completely new, but some prefixes are so old that they have been recycled, this means that someone else could have had that number years ago.

Normally the numbers are recycled after a minimum of 3 years where in that time no one has had it until we have acquired them for sale, therefore they are considered new numbers because it has been a long time since someone else had it.

If you want more information about the prefixes, please contact us.

When you request the portability of your new number, it is mandatory that you provide your new provider with the iCC-iD code so that the portability is authorized.

In some cases, your new provider may make a mistake when making the request and not include this code or include it incorrectly, for that reason, we insist that when you make the change you report to your new provider that you must indicate this code in the request.

In case we receive the portability request and it is wrong, the portability process will be rejected, it is at that time that we will contact you to inform you of this situation so that you can resolve it as soon as possible.

Normally when this happens, you just have to contact your new provider to restart the portability process and indicate the iCC-iD code in the request so that the change is made correctly.

Important: It is not possible to make the portability with a PASSPORT, it is only possible to do it with CIF, NIF or NIE

Yes, but you can only do it at an authorized distributor at your current provider once you have your new active number at that provider, for more information consult your provider or consult us to find out how you can do it.

When you make the purchase of a numbering on our website, we send you a last email that includes the necessary steps to obtain the numbering as well as the security data of the numbering that will help you so that you can carry out the portability to the chosen supplier. Our numbers are delivered through portability, so it will be you who makes the change to the chosen provider and it is your new provider who is responsible for delivering your new SIM or eSIM card once the portability is completed with the purchased number. This process usually takes 2 to 3 business days.

Important: It is not possible to make the portability with a PASSPORT, it is only possible to do it with CIF, NIF or NIE.

When you buy a number from us, you must request portability to another provider within 1 month, more than enough time for you to make the change, including weekends and holidays.

If you forget, don’t worry, we’ll let you know!

If after 1 month you have not requested portability with the data we provide you when making the purchase, we are not responsible for your number being canceled.

Once the number has expired, it is lost and we cannot recover it or make a refund.

Portability is a fast process and does not take more than 24 to 48 hours. In some cases the process can take up to 7 days, so we believe that 30 days is more than enough time for you to carry out your portability..

*It is possible that some numbers are delivered with a higher validity, for example 2 months, the maximum date to make the portability can be found in the last «completed» email that you will receive when making your purchase.

From our website we do not buy mobile numbers or make offers for them, we only sell easy-to-remember numbers or fixed numbers.

If you want to sell us your current number that is easy to remember, unfortunately we do not offer this possibility.

No, once a numbering expires / expires, it is not possible to recover it again. The numbers go to a recycling list and will be reassigned to a new holder after a certain time.

If the numbering has been canceled due to error or non-payment, it can only be recovered by your current provider. Unfortunately, we cannot recover unsubscribed numbers since we do not offer this service.

Some suppliers may even take several years to remarket the numbering.

From our company we do not send physical SIM cards, when you buy any of our numbers, we provide you with the data of the same (current provider + iCC-iD) so that you can change it to your trusted provider through portability.

Your new provider will be in charge of delivering your new SIM card. It is the fastest, safest and most effective procedure.

With this procedure we avoid unnecessary shipments that can take weeks from the Canary Islands, in addition to taking care of the environment.

Yes, since you ask us for a number, you have 24 hours to make the payment if you make it by bank transfer. If you choose another form of payment such as a card or PayPal, the purchase is made immediately. After 24 hours, the number will be put back on sale at the disposal of our customers and their order will be automatically canceled.

No. To make the portability to your current provider, you only need the iCC-iD code that we have sent you by e-mail when completing your order. It is possible that when making the portability your new provider asks you for some documentation that you will have to send him to continue with the portability.

We will only ask you for documentation if you have purchased a fixed number. If you do not receive the documentation within 48 hours, your order will be canceled and refunded..

Importante: It is not possible to do the portability or registration with a PASSPORT, it is only possible to do it with CIF, NIF or NIE.

It is not usual for this to happen, but if you have made the payment and we have not yet sent you the iCC-ID number of your new number, (very strange thing) we can change it to another number, but if we have sent you the iCC-ID number unfortunately we cannot make the change since the iCC-ID numbering is the one that identifies the phone.

If you have made the portability of your number to another provider, it is not possible to make the return.

Some providers (O2, Simyo, Pepephone, MásMóvil, Virgin Telco, Lowi or Digi) request an SMS response to a message or need to send a verification code to the number to be carried when you make the request online.

This is because for security reasons, your new provider needs to verify that the number you are trying to carry is a valid number and that you are the owner of it.

If you are in this situation, you just have to contact us through our contact form before making the request so that we can help you with this management and so you can authorize portability during business hours M-F 10:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m..

No, until the portability is completed and the numbering is registered in your name, we do not authorize to advertise your new number in media, advertising posters, flyers, labeling, etc…

It is possible that for reasons beyond our control the portability takes longer than expected, most of these issues depend on your new provider, which is why you will only be able to advertise your new number once it is registered in your name and working with your new provider.

If you have already made the portability and the card does not work for you, you must request a duplicate from your current company or contact your new provider to verify that it happens. If you have lost it, we advise you to call your provider to request the blocking of it, so that it cannot be used by anyone else. Remember that your operator may charge you for the replacement.

All our numbers are new, but certain numbers receive SPAM or wrong calls, because there are users who put contact numbers that are invented and may match your new number.

The solution to this problem is to block the caller number so that they don’t bother you again.

Keep in mind that the easier the phone number, the more you may always receive one call than another, this usually happens in numbers with very repeated numbers.

If you have this problem, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can give you some tips on how to solve this problem.

* Fortunately, this problem only happens in a few numbers on our website or in very easy-to-remember numbers.

By Gold Number we mean those numbers that are simple or easy to remember and that belong to sets of scarce combinations of the total number of existing phone numbers. These numbers are used by Companies to attract customers in their business, or individuals who want to have an easy, unique and exclusive number.

numerosGold.com was born in 2008 as a response to the boom and demand that currently exists in the Spanish gold numbers market, our company was born in that year and begins its activities with the distribution of simple and easy-to-remember numbers. From our team specially trained in mobile telephony and customer service with extensive experience in the telecommunications sector.

We offer you the guarantee of being the only legally registered and official company for the sale of Gold Numbers in Spain since 2008. Our trajectory, customers and years in the sector support us.


Freedom: We believe that we should all be masters of our time and we invest ours in what we like, offering you easy and easy-to-remember numbers.

Integrity: We will be honest with you, we will not offer you a number if we see that we cannot help you in what you are looking for, in the purchase, portability, change of operator, you will always have us there for whatever you need us.

Responsability: We will treat your request as if it were ours.

Humility: We are not aware of any absolute truth. But yes, we strive every day to learn something new.

You can write to us through the contact form here: Contact form

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